Bradley Cooper Net Worth

Bradley Cooper Net Worth, Early life, Career and Achievements.

Bradley Charles Cooper is a Philadelphia native and an outstanding actor as well as an amazing film producer of America. He has been selected for several awards; Some of them are the Grammy Awards, more than 6 Academy awards and Tony Awards as well. His name was also mentioned in the time’s list of 100 most influential people around the world in the year 2015. Not only this, but he’s such a man of excellence that his movies have grossed more than 8.5 billion dollars.

Early Life

Bradley was born in the year 1975, 5 January. His father was Charles Cooper whereas his mother was Gloria Campano. He was the youngest child having an older sister, named Holly. He did his bachelors from Georgetown University.

Career and Achievements

Bradley Cooper started his career in the year 1999, when he played a role in the very famous show, Sex and the City. He gained a lot of recognition after this show! After that, he got offers from different shows and he then acted in some shows like Jack and Bobby, Globe Trekker etc. Just after two years, in 2001, he performed in a comedy film, Wet Hot American Summer which was really successful and is still watched by many people today as well.

He was making a lot of money and he increased his earnings more when he played a role in the movie Wedding Crashers which again was a comedy film (supporting role) in the year 2005. The year 2009 was a luckier one for him since he performed in the comedy film, the hangover that consisted of two sequels; one in the year 2011 and the other in the year 2013. Till 2014, he played in several other movies and dramas as well;

  • Limitless in the year 2011, in which he played the role of a struggling writer.
  • The place beyond the pines of the year 2012, where he played the role of a police officer.
  • Silver Linings Playbook of the year 2012. (Producer of the film too)
  • American Hustle of the year 2013. (Producer of the film too)
  • American Sniper of the year 2014. (Producer of the film too)

Since he played all the roles of the respective films and dramas perfectly, he was one of the most influential people who were nominated for the Academy Awards consecutively for 3 years; for best actor, for best supporting actor etc.

Recently, his net worth has increased sharply due to his performance in A star is born. He has received a lot of awards for this film along with another actor and singer Lady Gaga.

How successful was A star is born?

Before this film, A star is born, Bradley Cooper used to make around $600,000 for films like The Hangover. It was not long before that A star is born was released and only $36 million was needed to make this film! However, the most shocking thing is that this film made more than $420 million till now. The exact amount of how much did Bradley Cooper kept from this film cannot be found out, keeping the thing in mind that he was the producer, director and an actor of this film has well.

What is the net worth of Bradley Cooper?

Well, it was for the first time that Bradley became a Director in A Star is born. So, he is still counting the money he has been making from this film. However, he has been a producer of many films previously as well (mentioned above). So, Bradley Cooper’s net worth is around $100 million as for 2020 and still counting!

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