Cardi B Net Worth

Cardi B Net Worth, Early Life, Rise to Fame, and More.

Cardi B is an American singer and rapper, known for her hip-hop style and sensational personality. She is famous for Television and has a huge social media presence. A former stripper by profession, she has changed her life through her magical voice and ability to grace the audience’s screen with her inimitable sense of style and charm. Today, she is considered a millionaire, with all credits to her successful music hits. Let’s see how much Cardi B is worth, how she earns her money and all about her early life and jumpstart into a successful career as a singer.

Cardi B Net Worth as of 2020

Cardi B has an estimated net worth of $24 million in 2020. She has earned this amount in less than 3 years. Not only that, but her wealth is also expected to increase thrice in the coming year as she has signed with Atlantic Records recently and had already signed with Quality Control Music label in the past. She has multiple tours and concerts planned out for the coming year. She has endorsed many multi-million dollar brands, including a Detox Tea brand. To top it all, she is currently a baby mama to a millionaire rapper known as Offset, which further adds to Cardi B’s money and net worth.

Early Life

Cardi B has her roots and heritage hailing from the island of the Caribbean, however, she was born and raised in New York. Her Caribbean grandmother had a lot to do with her brought up since she spent most of her time with her. Her mother belongs to Trinidad and Tobago, while her father belongs to Dominican domicile which is the reason why Cardi B has so much flavorful personality and aura.

She is a high school dropout who needed money to support her family members. For this reason, she used to work for a store when her manager advised her to look for better job opportunities to earn more money. With her beauty and charm, it was not difficult for her to succeed as a stripper at a night club. She used to make a lot of money as a stripper, so much that it is rumored that she earned $30 Grand a month at times. Her actual name was Belcalis Almanzar, but she changed her name to Cardi B when she came into the profession of Stripping. She decided to join school again and pursue her higher education but dropped out again as she found no interest in it.

Rise to Fame

Her rise to fame began when she started making videos on Vine and Instagram and then went on to get opportunities to portray her talent as a reality TV star in VH1 Love and Hip Hop, New York edition. She took advantage of these breaks to gain further popularity and became a youth sensation in no time.

Her first song ‘Bodak Yellow’ was #1 on the Top Hit Charts and also broke many platinum and gold records. The video received 800 million views on Youtube alone and was considered a viral hit within 2 days. Some of her famous albums are ‘Invasion of Privacy’ and ‘Culture 2’.

In total, she has released only one studio album but 27 singles altogether. She has created 14 music videos, all as a lead song artist. Out of 27 singles, 24 have broken records for being the Top 100 US billboards.

Awards and Achievements

In only two years, she has won 91 awards so far. She has been nominated for 260 awards. She has received 9 BET Hip Hop Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, and 4 iHeartRadio Awards so far. The cherry on top, in a small period of time she has even received a Grammy Award, and that says a lot about her success as a singer and rapper.

Cardi B’s luxurious Mansion

Cardi B lives in a deluxe home in the city of Atlanta, and the house is nothing less than a dream. It is worth $0.8 million. She has also bought her mother a beautiful house in New York, which was worth $0.9 million. For a 26-year-old hailing from the Bronx who spent most of her life as a stripper and a Vine Star, This is a pretty big achievement, and rightly so!

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