Dana White Net Worth

Dana White Net Worth, Career, Awards and Accomplishments.

Dana White is an entrepreneur and the owner of Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the president and the leader of UFC who has taken the company to new heights, thanks to his wits and ability to judge and train the MMA fighters according to their capabilities. He is one of the richest owners of an MMA championship club.

Dana White’s Net Worth as of 2020

Dana White has a net worth of $500 million in 2020. His mixed martial arts organization known as UFC is worth $7 billion alone, becoming the first MMA organization in the world to achieve that target. He has a contract signed with ESPN for a huge amount of $1.5 billion that will keep his bank account happy and hefty, and apart from that he also gets 9 percentage cut from all the shows. He earns


Born and raised in Manchester by his mother, he always had a thing for boxing. He belongs to an influential family with huge money reserves, but he made his fortune himself. He started his career in boxing and then started working as a manager for the Tito Ortiz. Under his supervision, he got to know that the UFC is for sale. Dana White contacted a few influential friends and relatives to ask if they would be interested in partnering up with him on its purchase, but most of them refused. After struggling for a while, Dana White was able to find buyers for the company and got allotted as a president of UFC. Under his strong leadership he was able to not only raise profits of UFC but also take it to next level where fighters think of it as their dream to get training under UFC and fight in the UFC.

Awards and Accomplishments

Dana White has received ‘Leading Man of the Year’ award in the World MMA Awards for consecutive 8 years, from 2010 to 2017. This is considered a huge achievement on not only Dana White’s account but also for UFC to be able to maintain the consistency of awards for such a huge amount of time.


Since Dana White is a mega-millionaire, we can only expect him to live in the grandest house possible. He owns 5 houses in total. 3 of them are based in Las Vegas and have a price worth of $4.5 million, $6.7 million and $8 million attached to them respectively. Another two are based in Miami and New York and it has also been reported that he has purchased some international properties as well. To sum up, his house and private investment properties are worth at least $70 million, including a private estate that he purchased in Nevada.

Cars and Planes

If we talk about his cars, he owns 20 of them. Even though he travels most of the time, he likes to drive around every now and then. His cars collection includes a BMW M6, A Land Rover Defender V8, A gorgeous black Cardillac Escalade ESV, two beautiful Bentleys, and three Range Rovers reserved for him and his security. He also owns a 1969 Ford Bronco and a Ferrarri f430 and we have seen him drive around Ferarri Testarossa as well. he is not all about cars though, he is a proud owner of Harley Davidson Custom Chopper that was gifted to him by Harley Davidson as they are the one of the sponsors of UFC.  Since he travels around so much he has also purchased himself a sweet Bombardier Private Plane that he uses for his personal use. The plane had a weight of around $40 million on his pocket, which is nothing for him compared to the comfort he gets as he travels around a lot. To sum up the amount his cars, choppers and plane costs, it is at least $100 million or more.

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