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Dave Chappelle Net Worth, Early Life, Career and More.

Dave Chappelle is one of the biggest names when it comes to the comedy industry. Known for his top-rated comedy segment show ‘The Chappelle’s Show’, he is considered the most acknowledged comedian of all time. He is not only a stand-up comedian, but also an amazing actor and producer through which he has made a lot of wealth. In his outstanding career of 15 year, he has successfully earned the title of a millionaire.

Dave Chappelle Net Worth as of 2020

Dave Chappelle has an estimated net worth of $50 million in 2020. Throughout his career, he has never taken any break and worked hard, becoming one of the richest and most acknowledged comedians in the world.

Early Life and Start of the Career

Born in Washington DC but raised in Silver Springs, Maryland, he always had a charm when it came to making others laugh. In school, he was known as the college jock and his batch-mates used to call him ‘The greatest performer of all time’. He studied Theatre Arts in Washington, and decided to pursue the career of acting and comedy.

His career had a very patchy start. Even though he always received applause when he performed at his university, the story was something else when he performed for the first time professionally. At his first theatre performance, he was not only hooted and jeered at during the performance but the audience was cruel enough to throw eggs at him.  He did not take it to his heart and decided to improve himself and kept performing. He performed at various theatres in the New York City and soon enough gained a lot of popularity. People used to come across the towns to see him perform and watch him do stand-up comedy.

His efforts were considered a success when he got a leading role in a Hollywood movie known as ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’. The movie was considered a hit, but he did not receive any offer for any other movie for at least a year. After a year, he got a part in TV series for the lead role of the show ‘Buddies’ but the show as cancelled.

From that moment till now, he has worked in a lot of projects, but he got his big break in comedy when he got his own TV show on Comedy Central. The show was a hit, earning the revenue of around $1 billion per season for the producers. Currently, he has signed a deal with Netflix for $20 million for a TV show releasing in 2020.

Awards and Achievements

David Chappelle has earned many accreditations in his name, but a few of them which are worth mentioning are 2 Grammy Awards, 2 Emmys, 3 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, 1 Screen Guilders Awards and 4 Teen Choice Awards.


Currently Dave Chappelle lives in his own private estate in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The house and estate were purchased for $1 million in 2009, and is currently estimated to be worth around $14 million.

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