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Drake Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and More.

Drake is one of the most successful Canadian singer and rapper of all time. His affluent lifestyle confirms the fact that he is currently rolling in money. His hip hop style has earned him the title of one of the top music artists in the world at the young age of 32. He has created over 132 singles, 7 promotional singles, and 85 music videos. He has released over six mixtapes and 75 songs as a featured artist. His work is continuously growing and gaining popularity in multiple parts of the world, making him one of the most famous music artists in not only Canada but also Europe, America, and the United Kingdom. He is famous for his down to earth, amusing personality which makes him very famous between teenagers and youngsters all over the world.

Drake Net Worth as of 2021

Drake net worth is $180 Million as of 2021, with his wealth graph only going upward due to his continuous successful tours, sold-out singles, and multiple signed contracts with renowned labels. His investments are also bringing him a lot of revenue each year and it is expected that by 2021, drake net worth would increase $250 million, making him the richest music artist in Canada.

Early Life

Drake was a student in Middle school when he found out that one of his classmates had a father who was into the talent business. He used to introduce new talent to his prospective clients for acting in Television series. Drake was highly interested from the start in making his name in the entertainment industry, so he contacted his classmate’s father to get himself started. His classmate’s father got him an acting gig in Degrassi that paid him $40,000 a year. After doing that for 7 years, Drake took a four-year break to focus entirely on his music career. Drake comes from a family whose roots are engraved in music and arts so he was not the first one in his family to come into the entertainment industry.

The Start of a Majestic Singing Career

He released his first mixtape in 2006 called ‘Room for Improvement’. His second mixtape came out at the end of 2007 which was named ‘Comeback Season’. His singing career kicked off in 2009 when he released his third mixtape under his name, called ‘So Far Gone’. Drake was already popular for his fun and cheerful personality as an actor, but now he started to gain fame as a singer and a rapper. From then onwards, there was no turning back. Drake kept on working on his music and released multiple singles.

By 2009, he was one of the most acclaimed singers of all time. Drake was signed into Lil Wayne’s label ‘Young Money’ for a whopping $2 million. Drake later said that this was one of the best decisions of his life and that he got to learn a lot, and gained much more recognition through this album.

In 2010, Drake sold 447,800 copies of his single, breaking the charts in US Billboard and becoming one of the top-rated singers. The album went platinum in Canada within 3 days.

2011 and 2012 were the two years in which Drake won Grammy for ‘Best Rap Album’. 2015 was known as ‘The Year of Drake’ as he won multiple awards, released two 3 times platinum albums and started a rap war with Meek Mill.

In 2017, Drake’s album broke records of a single day album worldwide and became the highest-grossing album of the year.

By 2020, he has become one of the biggest names in the music industry and is considered the King of Hip Hop.

Investments and Lifestyle

Drake lives an extremely lavish lifestyle and owns multi-million dollar mansions. Drake is known to have an avid love for luxury cars and has a collection worth millions of dollars. His car collection includes rare, limited collection cars that have only been customized and manufactured for him. His car collection is proof that wealth can certainly make you happy. Drake gets 11% of his label earnings, which means he earned $11,000,000 in 2019. He receives 3.4% from his feature songs.

Drake owns many properties in Downton Toronto and is rumored to have bought a luxury condo in Downton Toronto recently. It is known that he is staying there temporarily until his Mega Mansion of 35000 square meters is ready for him to shift into. In 2016, Drake paid $67, 00,500 for some land in an elite class neighborhood in Toronto. After purchasing the land he teamed up with Ferris, who is a brilliant architect, in order to build a luxury mansion for Drake’s personal use. The mansion includes a luxury basketball court, many swimming pools, music lounges, an auditorium for in house concerts, a snack room and giant rooms with expensive chandeliers and everything that is extra-ordinary.

Luxury Car Collection

Drake has been known for his famous car collection. His luxury car collection includes Rolls Royce, Phantom, Mercedes, and Maybach. He also owns a Laferrari which is a limited edition hybrid sports car worth $3.5 million. Drake loves his custom made Laferrari so much that he created a replica of the car and made it fly over the stadium of his concert during his tour with Amigos. His Mclaren 675lt is also his favorite car and he is seen driving this car around often. He also owns a black Lamborghini, which he purchased after getting inspired by Batman. He owns a special edition Bugatti called Veyron that he purchased at the end of 2017.

Drake’s lavish spending does not end here. He also owns a private Boeing 767 jet for his personal and international use. The plane is furnished with premium style seating. His Boeing 767 jet is known as ‘Air Drake’ and is priced at $185,000,000.

Drake is a jewelry lover and owns multiple premium custom made jewelry items. One of the worth mentioning jewelry items is the gold chain that he purchased for $80 million and is covered with VVS diamonds. He got it made in the honor of his latest album, Scorpion.

With over $170 million in his name, Drake is one of the richest rappers in the world and he certainly loves to live like it.

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