Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth, Career, Awards and More.

Harvey Weinstein is a film producer and co-founder of the company ‘Miramax’ and ‘The Weinstein Company’ which has produced many multi-million dollar movies and short-series. He is considered one of the biggest producers in the American entertainment industry, and one of the richest as well.

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth as of 2020

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly worth $25 million. He is the owner of multi-million dollar musical empire and has a considerable influence in the American entertainment industry. He earns $5 million salary on an average, and also received 42% of the shares of Miramax that earns him dividends from his shares. He has invested his money in some other companies in shares that earn him at least $3.2 million per year.

Harvey Weinstein has become considerably rich, and has earned massive wealth. Since every powerful man has a story, let’s see how Harvey Weinstein became who he is today.

Jumpstart into the Production Career.

Harvey Weinstein came from an affluent family, which was the reason why it was so easy for him to get a jumpstart on his career. He had a love for movies since his youth, and had a sharp business sense as well. He was known as the person who could even turn stone into diamond if he put his brains behind it. After graduating from a top university in Buffalo, NewYork, he bought a theatre to air concert films, and started his own cinema business.

Soon after, he realized the scope of cinema and movies and decided to launch a production company with the help of his brother who was the co-founder of the company as well. the company was more of a distributer of films, but soon started to produce the movies as well.

The company was considered a hit and was successfully generating huge revenue for the two Weinstein brothers, when Walt Disney acquired it for a huge amount of paycheck that helped the two brothers figure out their next big thing which was a production company known as ‘The Weinstein Company‘.

Till now, The Weinstein Company has produced, released and distributed over 145 movies and short films. A few of the famous movies released under the production of Harvey Weinstein is ‘Lion’, ‘Scream 4’, ‘ Hurricane Season’ and ‘Grace of Monaco’.

Not only a producer, he has also directed some movies. A few of them include ‘Playing for Keeps’ and ‘The Gnomes Great Adventure’ which were all praised for amazing cinematography and action.


Harvey Weinstein’s company has been nominated in 340 awards, and won 90 out of them. Harvey Weinstein has received a few awards for being the best producer. He has won a Tony award for being a producer of Shakespeare in Love. A few other notable awards that he has received include ‘Golden Globe Awards’ for Best Motion Pictures, and Tony Awards for Best Musical in the Films.

Mansions and Properties

The famous producer Harvey Weinstein owns not one, nor two, but three deluxe mansions, well-appointed according to his needs. Even after his divorce settlement of $20 million with his wife Georgina Chapman, he was still left with his estate and properties.He decided to sell of $52.6 million worth of his estates and also sold a mansion in California for $4 million. He currently lives in a $14 million worth of mansion in Amagansett. His NYC apartment is worth $25.6 million and has another Townhouse in NYC worth $12 million.

With that amount of money under his name, it is not wrong to say that Harvey Weinstein can buy anything, even if it is an applause from the society.

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