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Jake Paul Net Worth, Career, Houses, Cars, and More.

Jake Paul is a famous Youtube Vlogger, a Comedian, and a former Child Actor at Disney. He is one of the richest Youtube Vloggers in the world.

Jake Paul Net Worth as of 2020

As of 2020, Jake Paul has an estimated net worth of $19 million. He earned his wealth as an actor on Disney and then moving to Youtube to make Vlogs. He also earns a lot by collaborating with different brands and promoting their products on Youtube. Not only that, but Jake Paul has also appeared in some modeling shows. It is reported that he earns around $1 million per year through all of these sources combined.

Career and Youtube Stunts

As a child, Jake Paul was always the kid in class who talked a lot and diverted all attention to himself. He loved comedy, so he created his own channel on Vine at a very young age of 10. Soon enough, he started gaining many followers and became a hit. People used to love his vines and he became a star within no time. Before Vine shut down, he had 5.4 million followers. Not only that, but he also had a whopping 2 billion views on his vines. But his career did not shut down with Vine, he was actually offered a role in the famous Disney Channel’s series ‘Bizaardvark’ which he gladly accepted. From there onwards, he was not only considered a vine star but also became a big deal in the television industry. His character ‘Dirk’ made everyone laugh and he was loved by all the viewers. While working on the show, Jake received a lot of offers for commercials and ads, and he accepted and starred in them. Moreover, he has played the lead role in Youtube Red’s original film as well. His character in the film was known as Lance and he was greatly appreciated for his acting and commitment to the role. After that, he got an offer to act in another film ‘Mono’ that was also appraised for its quality and entertainment, and Jake’s acting skills.

In 2013, after Vine shut down he decided to go independent once again by creating his own Youtube Channel and post his vlogs. As expected, he became a hit on Youtube as well, gaining more than a million views within a month. His vlogs would mostly be about crazy things he did or some stunts that he pulled in public.

The Whitehouse Stunt

He started gaining actual popularity and reached the peak of success in around 2017 when he was also invited to as a guest in the White House. There, Jake decided to pull another stunt and hid in the washroom after the event was finished. At 4 am in the morning, Jake escaped from the washroom and left the building without letting the security officials know. He claims that he did that to alert the authorities regarding the fact that the security at White House is not strong enough and even a beginner and novice like him can make a fool out of them. He also claimed that he did this to save the president.

The next stunt he pulled was teaming up with his friends and creating a music video song on Youtube that actually broke a record. His video got 75 million views in 30 days, but for the wrong reasons. He received troll comments and extreme hate on that video. It all worked out for him still, since he received a lot of new followers.

Houses and Cars

He is rich and he likes to show it off. Jake Paul lives in an 8.4 million dollar house in California that is nothing less than a mansion. He owns another house in Calabasas that he purchased for $5 million. He also owns dozens of expensive cars such as Lamborghini Huracan, Toyota Tacoma, Tesla X Model, and Ford Focus RS. His car collection in total is worth $4 million.

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