Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffree Star Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and More.

Jeffree Star is a makeup artist, blogger, Youtube sensation, and business owner. He started his journey of makeup on Youtube and now he has built a makeup kingdom of his own, with over 1 billion followers. He is considered #1 in the list of ‘Richest Youtube makeup bloggers.’

Jeffree Star Net Worth as of 2020

Currently, Jeffree Star has a net worth of $200 million. His sources of earning include his makeup tutorial videos, brand collaborations, and his high-end makeup line. He initially made his money by making music videos and singing. It has been reported that he charges $165 grand to use or endorse a makeup product. To top that, he is also an investor in real-estate and makes his money through that. He owns a medical marijuana business, shipment fulfillment center, and also a merchandise company. If that wasn’t enough, he also owns a factory to manufacture and print all of his cosmetics himself.

Early Life

Jeffree Star had a pretty difficult childhood and was raised single-handedly by his mother. His father committed suicide when he was only six years old, leaving his mother and him traumatized and extremely devastated. As a child, he saw his family struggling with alcoholism and physical and emotional abuse. Throughout his teenage years, he used to support himself by modeling, making music videos, and several freelance makeup gigs. He used to tell his mother as a child and as a teen that he is going to be extremely famous one day, and his prophecy did come true. Jeffree Star is one of the celebrities who were bullied a lot in their childhood because of their personal lifestyle choices, but his strength and zeal became an example to those people when he became the person he is today.


He used to work as a model for mediocre brands as a teenager. Having an everlasting love for makeup, he did a lot of freelance makeup gigs. His trick was simply to use a fake ID and go to Hollywood Parties wearing his best makeup. Celebrities from Hollywood then looked at him and invited him to do their makeup at their home. This is how he used to get makeup related jobs in his teenage years. As time passed, he started having an interest in singing and creating music videos. He created a myspace account and a Youtube account and started uploading his music videos online. His fans and followers on Myspace quickly diverted towards Youtube to see his videos and he started getting a lot of views. His most famous songs are Lollipop Luxury, Get Away with Murder, and Prom Night. Another famous song is sung by Jeffree Star, ‘Beauty Killer’ was the first-ever song to cross 30 million views on Youtube.

Apart from that, he used to blog about his life and makeup journey continuously. As time passed, Jeffree started feeling like his music was not making much money, and his fame through music was only going downhill. After thinking a lot, he decided to launch his Youtube Channel for Makeup and invested the remaining amount of money for his very own makeup brand. His plan was just to make enough money to survive, but he had no idea he would be considered a beauty guru, and his makeup brand would become an empire of its own. Now, his makeup empire includes everything from a lip liner to an eyeshadow. From clothing to accessories and even makeup bags, there is nothing that Jeffree Star’s company doesn’t manufacture. It has been reported that he reportedly earns around $2 million a year only through his makeup brand, and endorsements.


The makeup mogul, Jeffree Star loves everything extravagance. He owns a million-dollar compound in Calabasas. He purchased the house for a whopping $4 million, but now the house is worth at least $7 million. The house is nothing less than a fairy tale dream, with all the rooms built in a specific color. His bedroom though is in pink color and has a vault that his bigger than his own bedroom. It won’t be wrong to say that his colorful personality is what makes him exclusive and superior to the rest.

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