Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth

Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth, Early Life, Career and More.

Jennifer Lawrence is known as one of the most accomplished female Hollywood actresses. She was known as the world’s highest paid actresses in the year 2015 and then again in the year 2016 as well. Not only that, she was also titled as the world’s sexiest woman in 2014.

Read below to find out more about her net worth, early life, career and awards.

Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth as of 2020

Currently, Jennifer Lawrence is reported to have a net worth of $130 million. She is one of the richest actresses in the Hollywood Industry. She has earned has massive wealth from starring in movies such as The Hunger Games and Red Sparrow.

She reportedly charges $15 million per movie, and also receives a cut from her movie’s total box office sales and profits as the lead actress. She is one of the highest paid actresses in industry. Additionally, she earns through commercials and ads. In 2018, she received $10 million for being Dior’s brand ambassador and for starring in the ad that caused major backlash. She is currently working on three movies that are set to be released in the end of 2019 and in 2020. These movies include ‘Dark Phoenix’, ‘Mob Girl’ and ‘Bad Blood’

Early Life

Jennifer Lawrence had an extremely happy childhood. She was raised by happy parents who taught her to be tough and stern against the face of every adversity. Her father used to work in construction and her mother managed a summer camp for children. She was the only sister to two older brothers who were just as protective and caring towards her as her own parents.

As a child, she was rather a tom boy. She used to play in boys football team as well. Since childhood, she was a very active child who has been involved in every co-curricular activity, be it cheerleading, playing hockey or softball. She even starred in plays in her local community theatre.


She started her career by chance. She has been one of the very few actresses who got such an easy start in her career. It all happened one day when she was out with her family and a stranger took her picture and her phone number. She then received a call to audition for a role and got selected. From that moment onwards, she starred in multiple commercials and walked ramps for many brands.

Seeing her success as an actress, her family moved with her to Los Angeles so that she could get better opportunities. Her first movie was Devil You know, but it was not released until 2013. So her first appearance as an actress was actually in the movie ‘Garden Party’


As of now, Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated in 174 awards, out of which she has won 114 awards so far. She is the proud recipient to one Academy Award, three golden globe awards and five People’s Choice Awards. She has also received 2 Chicago Film Critics Awards and 9 New York Film Critics Awards. She has also been mentioned in the Guinness book of records as the highest paid actresses of all time, and her record was maintained for 2 years.

Jennifer Lawrence’s House

The famous Hunger Games Actress currently lives in Beverly Hills, in a 5 bed room mansion that has been passed on by Ellen Degeneres and Jessica Simpson. The mansion was sold by Ellen to Jennifer Lawrence—the world’s highest paid actress, for a whopping $8 million.

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