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Judge Judy Net Worth, Early Life, Law Career, and More.

Judith Sheindlin, aka Judge Judy, is a popular American judge presiding over the family court and a television personality. With an estimated net worth of $430 million, Judge Judy is a true self-made star. She has starred in her successful television court show series, Judge Judy. Produced by the CBS Television network in September 1996, the show made Judge an instant hit with the public and has won four Daytime Emmy Awards.

She appeared on The Ellen Show where she stated that the popular series will wrap up in 2021/2022 after the filming of the last season. However, Judge Judy’s fans should rejoice in the fact that she is going to launch a television series called Judy Justice. The new series will be along with a similar format to her prior series.

Early Life

Born on October 21, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York, Judge Judy graduated from the American University in Washington D.C in 1963. Before that, she had attended James Madison High School.  She then went on to study law from the American University’s Washington College of law.

The only female in a class of 126 students at her Law College, Judge Judy set an excellent example from the very start. She completed her law degree from the New York Law School. She was appointed by the Mayor of New York City as a judge in 1982. According to 60 Minutes in 1993, Judge Judy was profiled for her unique courtroom tactics.

Judge Judy Net Worth as of 2020

One of the highest-paid daytime Television stars, Judge Judy has an estimated net worth of $430 million as of 2020.

Personal Life

In her early 20s, Judge Judy married Ronald Levy in 1964. She left her job working as a corporate lawyer for a Cosmetics firm to focus on raising her two children, Jamie and Adam. However, she soon wanted to get back to working which her lawyer husband, Ronald Levy, wasn’t keen on. After her divorce to Ronald Levy in 1976, Judy met her soon-to-be prosecutor husband Jerry Sheindlin.

After getting remarried in 1977, Judge Judy had three more children named Gregory, Jonathan, and Nicole. Although she was leading a successful career, her marriage was strained which led to another divorce in 1990. But the couple soon remarried and have been living together ever since.

Law Career

After graduating from the New York Law School in 1965, Judge Judy got her license to practice after passing the New York bar exam. She took a job as a corporate lawyer for a major cosmetics firm. However, she eventually left the job after two years and decided to raise her two children, Jamie and Adam.

Judge Judy was told of a new job opening in New York courts by a friend in 1972. She accepted the job and started prosecuting cases for the New York Family court. Among the many cases that Judge Judy prosecuted were domestic violence, child abuse, and Juvenile crimes. She soon made a name for herself due to her razor-sharp mind and hard-hitting skills as an attorney. She was featured in the Los Angeles Times and 60 Minutes. After gaining the much-deserved social exposure, Judge Judy launched her book in 1996 and retired soon after.

In 1982, Judge Judy was appointed as a Judge in the family court by then-Mayor Ed Koch. Her sympathy for the victims combined with withering contempt for the trouble makers gained her a promotion as the supervising Judge in the Manhattan division of family court four years later.

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Media Exposure

In February 1993, Judge Judy was profiled in the Los Angeles Times as a no-nonsense and superwoman when it came to giving justice. Soon after, she made an appearance in the CBS news program 60 Minutes. This gained her wide media attention and popularity. Judge Judy’s agent approached the president of Big-Ticket Television, Larry Lyttle with the idea to start the courtroom television program. A pilot for the show was shot soon after.

How She Became Popular as Judge Judy?

Spending the better part of her life-giving justice to the innocents in family courts and presiding over an estimated 20,000 cases, Judge Judy finally retired in 1996. However, this was only the beginning of her long and successful Television career. Judge Judy made her first national appearance in September 1996 on the show title ”Judge Judy” and became popularly known as Judge Judy.

Her show won the No.1 position for syndicated shows in February of 1999. Her show’s ratings succeeded even Orpah’s in some markets. The show gathered an average of 7 million views every week by August 1999. The popularity of the show ”Judge Judy” paved the way for other popular courtroom television shows, including the ”Judge Hatchett” and ”Judy Mathis”. With average daily users of 10 million, Judge Judy has been one of the most successful longest-running shows on television.

Judge Judy appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March of 2020. She stated that the popular show would finally come to an end after wrapping its 25th season. However, a new show was soon to be launched along similar lines to the Judge Judy show.

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