Katy Perry Net Worth

Katy Perry Net Worth, Early Life, Big Break and More

Katy Perry is a singer, famously known for her song ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Roar’ and ‘Teenage Dreams’. She is very famous in teens and has built a successful music realm of her own as an actress, judge and a singer.

Katy Perry Net Worth as of 2020

Katy Perry is worth $330 million in 2020 and is considered one of the richest and most prominent celebrities in the world. She earns her money through her successful record labels, yearly music tours and concerts and many endorsement deals with famous brands. In the previous year alone, her tours earned her around $50 million, with an estimate earning of approximately $2 million per night. She earned $1 million per episode as a judge on American Idol. She has starred in ads for Popchips, Total Tease Mascara, CoverGirl Mascara and many other skincare and makeup brands.

Early Life and jumpstart into a wonderful career

Katy Perry’s actual name was Katheryn Elizabeth but she changed it later on to fit in more well with the industry. She has a Portuguese antecedent. She grew up in an extremely conservative family who was against all sorts of show-of-skin and believed that women have to be chaste and pure no matter what. Her parents prohibited Katy Perry from listening to any kind of music as they believed it to be an extreme sin. But Katy Perry has always been a rebel from the start. She used to borrow music from her friends and enjoyed it immensely. She used to sing openly and became the rebel of her family

Without her family’s support, she started her journey as a musician. In the start of her career, she failed miserably and found many stones along her way. But if there is one thing Katy Perry was not willing to give up, it was music.

Katy Perry’s Big Break

Her big break in her career was when she signed a record deal with ‘Capitol Records’ as the lead singer. Her first album was a major flop, however her second album known as ‘One of the Boys’ broke all US record charts. From that day onwards, she has never looked back. She has 5 studio albums and 30 total singles. She has released 5 promotional singles. Her 14 songs have been able to earn the famous ‘Diamond Status’ and 21 have gone platinum multiple times. Her three studio albums are also awarded with 3 multi-platinum albums.

The lavish Lifestyle of Katy Perry

She is extremely famous for her expenses. She spends generously on her stylists and it is rumored that she spends $15000 on her stylist for one big event. Her hair stylist charges $3000 for one hairdo a night and she only gets super luxurious manicures, with one manicure costing between $1500 to $1800.

She recently spent $50,000 to get cooking lessons. She was recently sued for copying another artist’s tune for which she had to pay $2.9 million.

She owns many houses and cars and loves diamonds. She has an estimated $30 million worth of jewelry. Her $10 million worth of house in Hollywood Hills had another twin house next to it, which was worth $9.2 million and both of them belonged to Katy Perry as she did not want any neighbors disturbing her privacy. If that wasn’t all, she has her own deluxe Beverly Hills State which is so big you could probably get lost in it for days and not get noticed by anyone. It cost her $20 million in 2017 and has dazzling features such as Large Glass Panels, Double-edged infinity swimming pool, a huge backyard and gorgeous green lawns.

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