KSI Net Worth

KSI Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Charities and Goodwill

KSI is a rapper, comedian and an actor who’s originally known as Olajide William Olatunji. He is also a Youtube content creator. He has two channels on Youtube. His main channel has 20.09 million subscribers with over 1.2 thousand videos. His second channel is filled with over 8.07 million subscribers and 894 videos. His average video views per video are over 5 million. Some of his videos even have over 50 million views and he is most famous for FIFA videos, his reaction videos and online fights with other famous vloggers and Youtube content creators.

All of this combined ensures that not only he has got a great fan base, he also has a richy rich bank balance and net worth. Let’s dive into KSI’s early life, career and net worth.

KSI Net Worth as of 2020

As of 2020, KSI is worth at least $20 million. His main earning is through Youtube ad revenue, but he also earns a massive amount through sponsored brand videos and rap videos— all that he uploads on his Youtube Channels.

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Early Life

Born in Watford, England, he was least interested in studies and getting education. He was always a distracted child who decided to drop out of school to follow his true passion— which was working independently and creating entertaining content for people. Due to his unorthodox decision, he received little to no support from his parents who thoroughly believed that education should be a priority in life.

Lucky for KSI, his Youtube account that was based on his FIFA videos started to do really well and became a source of earning for him.


At a young age of 23, KSI was earning 1500 pounds creating content online. Even though KSI’s career started on Youtube as a content creator playing FIFA videos, he decided to diversify his Youtube channel and create a backup channel for his other line of interest: Rapping and Music.

He decided to enter into the world of rap and hip hop when he launched his first song known as ‘Heskey Time’. In order to keep the same theme for the Youtube Channel, his first song was actually a FIFA themed song.

Till now, he has launched 1 collaborative album, 30 music albums, 4 Eps and 24 Singles so far. His song list includes some of the hit songs i.e. Down Like That, Little Boy, Pull Up, Beerus, Lamborghini, Friends with Benefits and On Point.

He has also received the Vlogger of the Year award in 2016 and Ameteur Boxing Debut in 2018.

House and Cars

It has been reported that the first thing that KSI bought after becoming a millionaire was to buy his parents a lavish house. In order to prove himself and thank his parents for taking care of him all these years, he not only bought them a house, but also a car.

He lives in the Sideman House with his four friends which is worth 8 million pounds as of 2020. He also owns multiple cars that we keep seeing in his Youtube videos. A few of the cars include: Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Benz Mclaren and a luxury Porsche.

He reportedly owns a second house in luxury flat worth 1 million pounds with his childhood best friend, Simon.

Charities and Goodwill

KSI doesn’t just believe in keeping the money to himself, but also shares it among the people who catch his eye. In 2016, he donated 100,000 pounds to the Saints Foundation to promote positive change and equal opportunity in people. He also donated 10,000 pounds to Castro1021 for cancer support.

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