Lil Pump Net Worth

Lil Pump Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and More.

Lil Pump is a young rapper and a singer known for his freestyle rapping, his unique ways of promoting his upcoming music in Grammy Award Show, and his latest video on Instagram flexing about his net worth and income. He became famous after his song ‘Gucci Gang’ was considered a hit and got viral on social media.

Lil Pump Net Worth as of 2020

At a mere age of 19, Lil Pump is already worth $8 million in 2020. A considerable amount of his total net worth comes from his record deal with Warner Bros, estimated to be around $6 million. The remaining amount has come from the massive success of his song ‘Gucci Gang’. He has also signed a few contracts with some prominent brands to promote their products on Instagram. His recent concerts have earned him a lot of revenue as well and that has totaled to his actual net worth

A few days ago, Lil Pump spoke to the audience in an Instagram video to let the fans know his actual net worth is $10 million after many sites were claiming it to be 150,000. He also claimed that his net worth is going to increase over time as he has bagged many brands for endorsements.

Early Life and Career

Born in Florida to Mexican father and Cuban mother, Lil Pump was originally named as Gazzy Garcia but later changed his name to make sure his online presence and name match his music. as a child, he was nothing less than trouble and got into fights wherever he would go. His parents were middle-class citizens of the country who believed in good education, but Lil Pump had other plans for himself. After his parents divorced, his mother struggled to make ends meet and to raise up Lil Pump on her own.

Things got bad really fast, and Lil Pump was badly affected due to it. His fights in school got extremely destructive to the point that he once almost killed a girl. After getting expelled from his school for being a violent, and aggressive student, he started a destructive rebellion against his school that ended up destroying and burning half of his school. The fire and rebellion were stopped by police, after which he was put under child control services. But he didn’t improve, in fact he started selling drugs such as cocaine and meth but got caught by police. Due to him being underage at the time, he was released and put under high observation.

He started rapping at a young age of 16 and started recording his songs with his best friend who is known as Smokepurrp. Their team was considered a hit together since Lil Pump was all about Freestyle Rap and Smokepurrp was nothing but hardcore gangster rap. Together, they mixed their genres and created tunes and rap beats so legit that the producer decided to polish the same style and hire both of them as a team. Their first music song was produced on Soundcloud which was a clear hit, and that gave these best friends a motivation to create more hit songs.

Lil Pump enjoyed being in the limelight and wanted to release a song very soon, so he released the song ‘Gucci Gang’ the very next year in order to make sure that his fame stays with him. The song was a major hit, broke a lot of records, and became a sensation on social media in teens and youngsters. Till now, he has sold 19 single music songs and 16 music videos.

Awards so far

He has entered the industry after leaving behind a troubled past, without any background connections, but has still been able to win Push Artist of the Year Award by MTV Awards. He has also been nominated in Billboard Music Awards for his viral song ‘Gucci Gang’

Houses and Cars

Lil Pump has recently purchased a $4.6 million worth of a lavish mansion in Miami Beach which is considered a perfect place for his friends to crash. The mansion is a two-story building, based on 4200 square feet of land. It has a huge swimming pool, a built-in hot spa, and a gorgeous, private boating dock near an artificial lake, which is a perfect example of just how over-the-top, and extravagant his lifestyle currently is.

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