Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and More.

Mark Zuckerberg is the brains behind one of the world-known social networking website ‘Facebook’. He is not only a co-founder and chief executive officer of Facebook but also a board member of the Breakthrough Starshot which is a solar sail development project. He is a technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is one of the most powerful men in the world, considering that he has direct access to the personal data of over a billion users. But with great power, comes great money. Mark Zuckerberg has earned a lot due to his incredible technological ventures. Let’s see how much he has earned and what Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth as of 2021

Mark Zuckerberg is worth $105 Billion and his wealth is continuously increasing day by day due to his multiple investments. Moreover, Facebook’s share prices are snowballing which is directly interlinked with his wealth. This makes him one of the richest men in the world.

How Did it all Start

As a child, Mark Zuckerberg had a keen interest in computer technology and everything that comes with it. He loved to learn about computer operations. At the small age of 11, Mark Zuckerberg had his computer. He used that computer to learn basic level programming and created an application called ZuckNet through which his father could connect with his secretory and his family. Soon, his parents realized this interest and hired a personal computer tutor to help him develop this interest and turn it into a passion.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Projects before Facebook

During High School, Mark Zuckerberg channeled his programming into creating another mindblowing application for the Mp3 playlist to understand the user’s preferences and buffer the music playlists according to those preferences. The application was known as Synapse media player. The idea became so viral that Messenger and AOL wanted to acquire it and use it in their own systems but Mark Zuckerberg refused to sell it to them or work with these companies on his development. Later, many other IT corporations invited Mark Zuckerberg to work for them but Mark Zuckerberg had other plans. He turned all of them down and went off to college.

Mark Zuckerberg’s College Education

Mark Zuckerberg got a degree in classics from the Academy of Phillips Exeter in New Hampshire. He had a keen interest in science and had a strong liking in literature and old classics. His work was acknowledged. His teachers wanted him to pursue writing and publish his own novel. But Mark Zuckerberg was still not charmed by the idea of doing something other than programming as his real passion lied in coding and programming.

The Way Towards Facebook

In 2002, Mark Zuckerberg joined Harvard University as a full-time student. By his second year there he had already developed a website called Course Match that helped students get reviews of courses from other students in the following year, Mark Zuckerberg was all set to develop his next project called Face Mash which was a voting portal for the students of Harvard University. His next project was ConnectU which was developed with the partnership of his university batchmates. While developing ConnectU, he came up with the idea for Facebook.

How much has Facebook earned him till now?

After the creation of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg gained a lot of popularity and thus, a lot of investors. His brainchild, Facebook’s share prices started increasing drastically. By 2005, his net worth had exceeded 13 million dollars. By 2012, Mark Zuckerberg had won 2 lawsuits, making him even richer than before. His share price increased and he was worth 16 billion dollars, which made him one of the world’s richest men alive under the age of 22.

Mark Zuckerberg faced some ups and downs and huge monetary losses at the start of 2017 when a lawsuit was filed over him due to violation of privacy and breach of personal data accommodated by his servers. Mark Zuckerberg appeared in the courts to accept the fact that his servers do store personal data related to users but his company has never misused or sold that data to any third party. He also pledged that nothing like this would ever happen again and that he would work to improve security for the Facebook users in order to restore their trust in the social networking site. During this time, Facebook’s share prices fell and the investors did not trust that their money is going to be safe with Facebook as the lawsuits could completely shut facebook down causing billions of dollars loss to the investors, but Mark Zuckerberg faced it all and emerged triumphant as the popularity of Facebook grew even more in time and got even more users than before. In 2019, Facebook’s shares are worth over $250 billion

Where has Mark Zuckerberg invested his money?

Real Estate:

Mark Zuckerberg has a real taste in Real Estate and therefore he has invested over a billion dollars in real estate property. He bought a property in Lake Tahoe for $61 million.  He also bought land near his existing property. Mark has multiple homes in Palo Alto, which he had to purchase to maintain his privacy near his original home. He has also purchased a penthouse in One57 Manhattan for $96 million which is the highest someone has ever paid for a penthouse.


Coming to technology, he has always been the biggest investor when it comes to worthy projects. He invested $150 million in AltSchool which is a school for experimental and technical learning. He also invested a huge amount of $50 million into Asana, which is a management system to connect the task management cloud network for multiple teams. He placed his money of $5 million into Mastery Connect, 10$ million in Panorama and 52$ million to Vicarious. These companies are all working in technology and artificial intelligence so this confirms the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is mainly interested in investing his money into technology and education-related projects.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have also pledged to donate 99% of the money, leaving only 1% for their two daughters. That’s what makes him one of the richest men in the world not only by money but also at heart.

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