PewDiePie Net Worth

PewDiePie Net Worth, Early Life, Rise to Fame and More

When it comes to Youtube, Pewdiepie surely knows how to be on the top of his game. He is a professional Youtuber and a social media personality and also the most followed person on Youtube, with over 100 million subscribers, and 45 billion views in a total. His real name is Kjellberg Felix Arvid Ulf, but for his has fans he known as Pewdiepie. He is considered the king of Youtube, thanks to his massive fame and famous social media war with T-series. He has created name and fame for himself, with a huge bank balance. Let’s see how much Pewdiepie has under his name

Pewdiepie Net Worth as of 2020

In 2020, Pewdiepie is worth $40 million. His source of wealth is his gaming videos and entertaining Youtube videos and his many endorsement deals. He collaborates with brands and advertises their products on his Youtube videos.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Born in Sweden, he was an extrovert from the start. He loved video gaming and everything artistic that gave him a chance to be creative. After graduating from GoteBorgs Hogre Samskola School, he went to a school for technology but instantly quit. He was always a happy-go-lucky guy, so he decided to start creating his own videos. His extremely funny videos instantly got him fame on social media and his unique ways made him the most subscribed person on planet within a few years.

He is known to create a viral trend of answering mean trolls. When he started facing hate for his videos and unique style, he decided to take benefit of that situation by answering mean trolls, which made his videos go more viral and in turn generated more revenue for him. If that isn’t smart marketing, then we don’t know what is. Pewdiepie is someone who clearly knows how to take benefit from every situation. His social media wars with different vloggers and Youtube channels have always ended up bringing him more followers, one way or another.

An interesting fact about Pewdiepie is that he isn’t just a video creator on Youtube, but he is also the owner of one of the most famous games known as ‘Pewdiepie: The Legend of the Brofist’, referring to his iconic Brofist that is considered his signature style. He has successfully written and published the book known as ‘This Book Loves you’

Brand Deals

Pewdiepie has a huge audience of gamers, hippy teens and people who are into the latest, all-rage trends. He currently has a lot of brand deals in his pocket, thanks to his unique style of crazy ad placement within his comical videos. He is currently working with Happy Socks, and making at least $3000 a month with the socks brand. He is affiliated and working as a brand ambassador with gaming companies such as G2A and Gaming Subscription Box called ‘LootCrate’ through which he is rumored to earn around $10,000 altogether.

Awards and Achievements

Pewdiepie has received quite a large number of awards in 8 years of his Youtube career. A few of the notable awards are Shorty Award for Best in Gaming, Teen Choice Awards for Choice Web Stars in Gaming, Teen Choice Awards for Choice Gamer, and Shorty Award for Gamer. He has also received awards for his generous philanthropy services. He has donated all his cash winnings from his Gaming Awards to the World Wildlife Fund and has successfully raised over $2 million for the St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Not only that, but he has also raised over $150,000 for Water crisis charity and has donated $400,000 for Indian Children for CRY organization.

Love for Cars

Like many YouTubers, Pewdiepie has also been in love with his cars and have bought many cars since now and made sure to flex on them on his social media accounts. He currently owns shiny Porsche 911 and a Lamborghini Aventador. He has also once posted about a beautiful Mini Cooper Convertible. He owns a Mercedes and a sweet Black Ferarri.

One thing is for sure, Pewdiepie is one of the very famous Youtubers who have changed the game and have created new possibilities not only for himself but for many other vloggers on the way!

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