Rihanna Net Worth

Rihanna Net Worth, Early Life, Awards and Achievements

Rihanna is one of the most acclaimed female musicians and undoubtedly the queen of Hip Hop. She is famous for her distinctive style and trendy fashion choices. She has recently been in the limelight for launching her own beauty line known as ‘Fenty Beauty’. She has dated a few A-listers in the industry and has had a few too many flings, but that’s not what she is popular for. She is famous for her unique way of connecting with the audience through her powerful music. Her music is very popular among youngsters and teens and many girls look up to her as an idol. Due to her huge success, she has earned the title of one of the most successful female musicians of all time.

Rihanna Net Worth as of 2021

Rihanna has a huge empire worth $500 million. Her work has officially earned her the title of the world’s richest female musician. With her successful music tours and sold-out albums, it is expected that her career graph would only move upward. This would also mean that her bank balance would also reach new heights in the upcoming year, thanks to her impeccable music and sold-out tours.

Rihanna’s Early Life

Rihanna comes from a humble family background. Her mother was an accountant while her father was an alcoholic warehouse supervisor. As a child, Rihanna dealt with many issues at home and at school. She faced domestic abuse through the hands of his alcoholic, drug addict father while at school she was bullied due to her complexion and family background. Amid all this chaos and drama, Rihanna found her one true love – her music. During her messy childhood, music was the only thing that calmed Rihanna down and showed her happy rainbows in time of crisis.

Rihanna’s Musical Breakthrough

At the age of 15, Rihanna got her first gig as a musician with the help of her bandmates. Rihanna got her big break when she recorded a song with a music director and the debut song topped the charts. From that moment onwards, there was no turning back.

By age 18, Rihanna had already recorded an album with Jay Z. Rihanna further signed with many known names and was able to record many albums that went platinum, making her reach new heights of success and glory.

Rihanna’s Awards and Acclamations

Rihanna got her first Grammy award at the age of 19 for the song ‘Umbrella’ that broke all the US billboard chart records. Her fame grew rapidly and so did her controversies. Rihanna started making controversial music videos and got into a relationship with Chris Brown that did not end well. However, Rihanna picked up all her broken pieces and shut them inside, emerging stronger than ever.

Till now, she is has won over 9 Grammy awards, 14 American Music Awards, 13 Billboard Music Awards. She is also the recipient of 7 MTV Music Awards.  She has released over 71 singles, 2 remix albums, and 18 featured songs as a featured artist. She has altogether sold over 600 million albums so far. That is a lot, considering that she is only 31 years old.

Rihanna’s Luxurious Lifestyle and Businesses

Since Rihanna has become the best-selling musician in only about 10 years, she deserves to live like the queen that she is. In 2019, Rihanna has made over $16.5 million from her streaming songs, $4.5 million for song sales, and $17.4 million in recording and selling royalties. She earns around $10 million every year in her endorsement deals for many brands and organizations.  Rihanna believes in expanding her profits through her collaborations with high-end brands such as Puma.

Fenty Beauty

She has also earned huge profits in her new business venture called ‘Fenty Beauty’ which is a makeup line that she created to make all people of all color feel included. Her line has been rumored to be a direct competitor of Kylie Cosmetics which is a billion-dollar company.

Savage x Fenty

Rihanna has also followed the same message of inclusivity in her lingerie line, created in a collaboration with Savage and Fenty Beauty. The lingerie line creates exquisite lingerie for all sizes and respects all people of all shapes and sizes. She has been able to successfully promote the message of body positivity and self-love through her Fenty Beauty business ventures. Her business inclined brain has earned her over $250 million in profits from Fenty Beauty so far.

Rihanna has always been known for her glamorous personality, which is mainly the reason why her fans are highly influenced by her. She earns $10 million every year due to her influencer marketing. Rihanna has been known to spend $10 million every year on her hair. Rihanna loves her skin and nails so much that her nail appointments have cost her $1 million in the past year.

Properties and Car Collection

She lives in a mega-mansion in London for which she pays $100,000 rent a month. She has her own extravagant yacht with 2 decks that she has chartered for $500,000 a week. She has multiple properties in Los Angles, New York, London, and the Caribbean, where she also has a festival named after her. She owns a huge car collection including a Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Maybach 62, Porsche 911, and a Lamborghini Aventador. Her luxury car collection alone is worth over $50 million. In addition to that, she also owns a multi-million dollar private jet, which she uses to travel privately.

Rihanna’s Charity and Goodwill

Rihanna is believed to be a headstrong woman with a heart of gold. She faced domestic violence personally, so she created powerful music about domestic violence to create a voice and spread a message, bringing up the issue of domestic violence victims in the world. What is more, that at the young age of 18 Rihanna founded an organization known as the ‘Believe Foundation’ to help terminally ill children. She has funded many charities and foundations to help the less fortunate as she firmly believes in giving back to the world.

Due to her kind gestures and spirited personality, she has not only been the queen of music but has also earned the title of ‘Queen of Hearts’

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