Steve Harvey Net Worth

Steve Harvey Net Worth, Early Life, Rise to Fame and More.

Steve Harvey is an amazing comedian, a professional host, an actor and an entrepreneur. He is known as one of the most sought after hosts of the world, and one of the richest at it. Below you’ll find Steve Harvey’s net worth, his career and how he likes to spend his money on houses and cars.

Steve Harvey Net Worth as of 2020

As of 2020, Steve Harvey has a net worth of $180 million that he has earned through writing scripts for the movies, hosting various shows such as Miss World, and his production house. His popularity is increasing day by day, and so is his net worth.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Steve Harvey was born in West Virginia to a coal miner and his wife. His family saw many down days during his childhood and he was affirmative that he is going to change his luck through his talent as a comedian. Having a great passion for entertainment and comedy, he started performing stand-up comedy to earn some money for himself and his family. However, the show was not such a hit and he did not receive enthusiastic invite from any other show as well. Therefore, he decide to start working for a carpet cleaning company and then moved towards the ad agency.

He has his own struggling times but received his big break when he started hosting his own show known as the ‘The Steve Harvey Show’. From there, he got multiple offers to star in movies and other shows. He has successfully hosted many shows for beauty pageants such as Miss World.

Awards and Acclamations

The most famous award that Steve Harvey has received so far are the ‘NAACP Image Awards for Entertainer of the Year’ in 2001 and then again in 2002. His career started booming up after that particular award. He has won 14 NAACP awards so far. Nevertheless, he has several other awards as well including 6 Daytime Emmy Awards for his shows. Not only that, he also has an honorary doctorate degree from the Alabama State University in Montgomery.

Steve Harvey’s Houses

Steve Harvey owns a beautiful 5500 square foot penthouse in Chicago. The house is gorgeous and one of the most expensive in the city since it is based in Trump’s luxurious Hotels. He owns his second house in California which is based on 12000 square foot of land and is nothing less than a manor. It was bought for a reported amount of $2.4 million. The house is located in the Beverly Hills neighborhood and it has been reported that Steve Harvey is thinking of purchasing an even bigger mansion in Beverly Hills. He owns a house in Atlanta which is worth $5 million currently. However, his biggest house is in Texas which is actually a whole estate based on 13000 square foot land. It has a price tag of a whopping $7 million. His second house in Texas is comparatively smaller and is worth $1.2 million.

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