Taylor Swift Net Worth

Taylor Swift is a singer and a youth icon. She has always been in news one way or another. She is the richest female musician in the world and has successfully sold over 52 singles, 7 studio albums, 3 live albums, and 4 video albums so far. She has been an inspiration for many teens. Through her music, she spreads a message of positivity and romance to love-struck or heartbroken teens and young adults.

Taylor Swift Net Worth as of 2021

Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $400 million. She is one of the highest-paid singers and earns her income by featured songs, album launches, tours, and concerts. She also gets paid for her collaborations with various artists in their music albums. She makes money appearing in ads, magazine covers, and other media gigs. She also gets paid heavily for influencer marketing through her social media channels. Apart from that, she sells merchandise with her names and taglines on it that greatly boosts her yearly revenue.

Career and Earnings

Taylor Swift started her career as a songwriter and singer at a very young age. She started playing guitar when she was only 11 years old. She has always been passionate about music, but her big break hit her at the age of 16. Her first album ‘Taylor Swift’ was created to target young girls like her and to create a fan following for Taylor Swift and luckily it accomplished exactly that. Her album was extremely popular in the younger generation and was declared a massive hit by music critics. She became a hit artist, thanks to her remarkable debut album. Her first album broke all charts and entered the list of top 10 in USA Billboards

She earns a lot through royalties with Apple Music. She has recently also signed a long-term contract with Universal for a whopping $200 million. That is the highest Universal has ever paid a singer.

Taylor Swift is famous for the quickest turnaround rate for her albums. Her albums are always bound to go platinum. She is also known to release an album every 3 months, which is the cause of her incredibly increasing yearly revenues.

Her tour gigs bring her at least $85 million a year. Due to her immense popularity and her being so much in demand, she earns at least $10 million per show, excluding all external costs. Recently, Taylor Swift has earned $20 million from her documentary with Netflix. On her pretty shoulders, she holds a very smart brain. She started an online war with Spotify in order to challenge its royalty rates and hence Spotify and Apple Music were bound to give her more profits and sign a new contract that gave Taylor the benefit of getting $100 million more than what was originally intended from her online sales.

She reportedly charges somewhere between $800,000 to $1 million for her Instagram post regarding a brand or a company. Her fan following is not only huge but also extremely loyal to Taylor, which is why brands are always after Taylor Swift to advertise their products as influencer marketing.

Taylor Swift’s Awards and Nominations

Taylor Swift has been nominated in 625 awards so far and has won 465 out of them. Till now, she has won 2 Youtube Music Awards, 11 Grammy Awards, 9 Academy of Country Music Awards, 4 American country awards, 34 Billboard music awards, and 11 iheartRadio awards. She has also broken 6 Guinness World Records. She has won countless awards for her work in music and for speaking up for social issues. She won the ‘Billboard women of the year’ award in 2014. Her huge list of awards dictates how influential and popular she is in not only teens but also in young adults. She was also declared as the ‘most influential person on Twitter in 2018.

Taylor Swift’s Property and Investments

With a $90 million estate in Beverly Hills and a $30 million penthouse in New York City, Taylor Swift has become a part of the USA’s most elite neighborhood. Not only that, Taylor Swift owns a 5 story townhouse and a luxury condo. She also owns another apartment in Tribecca, and an NYC duplex penthouse as well. All of her houses scream of her elegance and class.

But there is more. She recently purchased a mega mansion in Rhode Island for $20 million. This mansion contains a fancy swimming pool, 3 music rooms, and 1 game room for Taylor, apart from many deluxe bedrooms and ballrooms. Taylor Swift is rumored to regularly hold parties in her Rhode Island mansion. This mansion contains facilities such as a home theater which seems more like a cinema, a fully equipped gym. The mansion overlooks the shoreline and is a complete package of elegance with comfort. The reason why she uses the Rhode Island mansion to throw parties for A-lister celebrities is that she clearly knows that the house is a perfect epitome of sophistication and class and reflects highly of her elegant taste.

Her townhouse is a vintage 1900 brick house. This townhouse has a massive pool as well and is everything antique and artistic. The townhouse is equipped with decorative chandeliers and refined Persian brickwork. There are also multiple Jacuzzis and suave, expensive furniture to go with the interior of the vintage townhouse.

Cars and Jets

If that wasn’t all, Taylor has also joined the bandwagon of other celebrities and bought her own private jet. The private jet is worth $50 million and was purchased by the singer as a gift to herself. But since Taylor likes to go extravagant, she has another Jet as well, which is a little bigger and better than the previous jet she purchased. This jet cost her around $60 million, and she uses this jet to go on her trips and tours. To top that, she has a $150 million worth of car collection that includes lavish cars such as Toyota Sequoia, Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo.

Taylor loves to earn money and spend it, and she has certainly got the talent and the brain to do it well! It seems that Taylor Swift has not only earned a huge fan following through her good music but has also embraced the millions that come with it.

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