50 Cent Net Worth

50 Cent Net Worth, Early Life, and Achievements.

50 cent is one of the richest and the most popular rappers in the world. He is not only a rapper but a successful actor and music producer. His original name is Curtis Jackson and he hails from New York, America. He is one of the rappers who have seen the peak of their career, and the decline as well, all in a very short period of time. Let’s see what his previous net worth was, and what it is right now.

How Much is 50 Cent Net Worth in 2020?

Currently, 50 Cent net worth is known to be $30 million, but it used to be $170 million in 2018. He has seen a decline in his net income as he filed for bankruptcy last year. It has been said that bankruptcy is nothing but a way to avoid paying his clients and employees, but he has lost over $100 million so far in only a year. It is rumored that this bankruptcy clause will further reduce his net worth to at least $10 million by 2021.

Early Life

Like many rappers, 50 cent had a very tough childhood revolving around drugs, guns and everything that is illegal. His childhood was all about buying and selling guns and drugs. He used to sell drugs to his schoolfellows, for which he got rusticated from his school as well, but his drug deals did not end there. He was caught red-handed by a police officer when he was trying to sell cocaine and ice but was released again. The third time is a charm, they say. He got arrested again for keeping guns at his house, under false and illegal pretenses. This time was serious and he got serious jail time for this offense. He has not received high school education as he was always busy doing things he was not supposed to do, which by the way, is selling drugs to underage kids in Queens, New York.

Career Breakthrough

At the age of 12, he used to practice rapping in his grandmother’s basement. According to him, rapping and music is the only thing that made him feel better about his life as a single, orphan child. His life took a 360 degree turn when he met Jam Master Jay from Run DMC group who was instantly enthralled by 50 cent’s hardcore rapper vibes. Unfortunately, the album that 50 cent recorded with him never came out due to 50 cent’s reputation as a drug dealer. His second record label was also a major flop, as it was shelved even before its release for the same reason.

His break eventually was with 2002 when he was able to sign a record label with Eminem and Dr. Dre. Life started changing for him and new opportunities began coming up. His first album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was an honest depiction of his situation at that time, and earned him massive sales of $10 million. With this, he was considered to be the next big thing in the music industry.

Awards and Achievements

He has been the most successful rapper in terms of accolades for his work as he has been nominated in 138 awards so far. He has received 88 out of them, which means he has won at least 70% of the awards that he has been nominated in. he is a proud recipient of 16 Billboard Hip Hop artists awards, 3 BET awards, 6 Vibe awards, and 6 World Music Awards. He has also received 2 Grammy and 11 ASCAP awards so far.

50 cent has seen a lot of success and built a massive empire for himself but due to bad management, he lost it all. No doubt, he will still be considered the King of Hardcore, Gangster Rap for the years to come.

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