Post Malone Net Worth

Post Malone Net Worth, Early Life, Career and More.

Known as a newbie in the music industry, Post Malone has already made a name and gained recognition and outstanding reputation for his work. He has a huge fan following of people who are sincere to him and want to see him reach the top due to his ultimate talent and hip persona. At the age of 22, he has already earned the title of a millionaire.

Post Malone Net Worth as of 2020

Post Malone is worth $14 million in 2020. The young rapper has made this amount in 4 years of career. He has been in the game since he was 16, and is apparently winning at it since it has rumored that he has signed a long-term agreement with Republic Record. Like many young stars, he earns through his social media posts. He has currently signed a deal with Hyper X Gaming to be their brand ambassador. His festival ‘Posty Fest’ is also expected to bring him huge revenues. He is an influencer for Crocs, Bud light, and Arnette Sunglasses. His wealth is expected to be double in the next year as he has recently booked himself a few concert tours as well.

Early Life

Born to parents who were all about living their best lives, Post Malone has got his proper training on media. His father was a disc jockey and a music lover, with big connections in the industry. He was raised by his father and step mother in Texas, but moved back to New York later on. At a young age when teenagers are still figuring out life, he already knew he was going to be a musician. He learned to play guitar and recorded his own mixtape known as ‘Young and After Them Riches’.


He was considered a famous kid at school and was even voted as ‘Most Likely To Become Famous’ by the kids, which became true 4 years later when he released his fist song ‘White Iverson’ with his music group called ‘BLCKVRD’. The song was a major hit in US 100 billboard charts and gained him immense popularity, especially in teens and adolescents who were into gangster rap and R&B hip hop.

He got his big break with Kanye West when he collaborated with him on the single ‘Fade’ from the album known as ‘The Life of Pablo’. That single earned him not only a huge pay check, but massive fame and followers who were eager to learn more about him and to listen to more of his distinctive music

His TV debut was made 3 months later on the Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was considered the most seen show in 2016. Joe Rogan got many fan mails and messages after the interview and knew he had to instantly release music album to lock his followers and not lose them. He took this opportunity and released his album ‘Stoney’ a few weeks later. The album was considered #6 on the US Bill Board 200, which was a major victory for him and his brand.

He is known to be a controversial music artist who knows how to use the public opinion in his own favor. Instead of getting backlash, he always faces love from the audience who loves hearing his straight out of the world views craggy personality.

Post Malone has released 19 singles so far, with three studio albums and one mixtape. Out of these 19 singles, he 17 have been in the top 10 list of US Billboards 100. In total, he has sold over 90 million records so far. He earns around $0.4 million per concert, with his ticket price averaging at $300.

Mansions and Cars

Post Malone is a 22 year old who owns a $3 million worth of mansion in Northern Utah. The house is built on a 13,000 square foot of land nearby Park City. The house was mainly bought by him as a hangout spot for him and his friends, but he does not reside there permanently. He lives in Encina California in a house that is rented for $14,000 per month. The house has 5 bedrooms and fully automated swimming pool with massive gorgeous Viking styled kitchen. The Italian marble and glass doors are another bonus on the already dazzling villa.

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