Jennifer Hudson Net Worth

Jennifer Hudson Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and Achievements.

Jennifer Hudson is an excellent singer, an outstanding actress, and a brilliant spokesperson who is currently having millions of fans running after her due to being the finalist of American idol. Not only this, but her albums have reached the top of the US boards. She has worked really hard to get at this position and her hard work paid off. In this article, you’ll be knowing about;

How Much is Jennifer Hudson Net Worth in 2020?

Jennifer Hudson’s net worth is $25 million. She has earned all this amount through her singing and acting career, being a very famous personality. Well, through this article, we can easily relate that her main source of wealth is acting and her albums that were sold worldwide!

Early Life of Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer was born on 12 September, the year 1981, and was raised as a Christian by her parents, Samuel Simpsons (Her father) and Darnell Donerson (Her mother), along with her two siblings, a brother, and a sister, in Chicago (Her birthplace). She had great support from her parents and grandmother who helped her to get into the community theatres. She attended The Dunbar Vocational High school. Since childhood, she had special interests in songs and was a great fan of many singers. She used to participate in school choirs and loved singing.

Jennifer went to Langston University but she left that university after two years due to health issues and joined Kennedy King college. She was first in a relationship with an English actor, James Payton but then she was engaged with David Otunga, a great wrestler. Jennifer was expecting the year after the engagement but they both ended up with separation.

Jennifer’s mother, brother, and more relatives were shot down and her sister’s husband was arrested for this crime. So, this eventually broke Jennifer mentally. Still, she didn’t give up! She worked harder! This is the reason she’s in this position.

Career and Achievements

Jennifer’s career actually began when she appeared as a finalist in the American idol in the year 2004. She eventually first appeared on the screen in 2006, movie “Dreamgirls”. This film brought her many awards such as the best-supporting actress award, Academy Award. After doing this role, she gained a lot of recognition and started getting many offers.

Her second film was Sex and the City, an American romantic movie.

She then started appearing in films such as Life of Bees, Winnie Mandela, Lullaby, etc.

After that, she turned her interest towards singing. She finally received a Grammy award when she released her album, Jennifer Hudson in the year 2008. This album also sold over millions of copies! Such a great success! She has given performances in several shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Grammy Awards, American Idol, and many more. She soon released another album I remember me in 2011 and both her albums reached Number 2 in the US Billboard 200. Her third album was released in 2014, JHUD.  This was also a great success for her!


Jennifer Hudson had gone through many difficult phases of her life where she faced the death of her family members and her separation from her husband. However, she kept up her work and didn’t lose focus! She’s now single and still performing in different shows! Her talent for singing and acting both have Brough her at this high position.

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