Conor Mcgregor Net Worth

Conor Mcgregor Net Worth, Early Life and Career Choices.

Known as one of the richest professional UFC and MMA fighters, Conor Mcgregor is no stranger to the general audience. He is known for his rich taste in clothes and cars and is famous for his sudden retirement announcement from the MMA. He is one of the most affluent fighters in the world. Let’s see his annual earnings, income and a bank balance that he has been able to generate for over 20 successful years in his career.

Conor Mcgregor Net Worth as of 2020

Conor McGregor has a net worth of a whopping $120 Million in 2020. His income sources are his previous revenues generated from fighting, his current many brand endorsement deals. His manager has reportedly submitted a statement a few months ago declaring his strategy for earning. He earns his money by wearing and getting photographed while wearing the clothes provided by brands, thanks to the paparazzi, he actually earns around $1 million by doing just that. He earns $2 to $3 million a month for advertising and flexing his deluxe cars, which are being given to him by companies.

If you see him driving a classy Lamborghini or getting out of a flashy new Rolls Royce, chances are that he is on the job, but also living his best life, thanks to the brand endorsement deals he has signed with high-end brands.

His new whiskey business has also reached a new sky-high, generating him at least $3 million a year. He has also signed deals with a few brands for influencer marketing on Instagram and Twitter and gets money for being a spokesperson for these brands.

At the age of 30, he declared that he is going to be a billionaire at 35.

Early Life and Career Choices

At the young age of 12, Conor Mcgregor started to get an interest in martial arts and MMA fighting. To get properly trained, he joined the Crumlin Boxing club and started getting properly taught in the subject of Martial Arts and Boxing. Not only that, he had a huge interest in Football for which he joined a sports academy. He used to play privately for a local club and was considered their top member.

At the age of 18, his hard work finally started coming together when he got his first gig with UFC Fighter Tom Egan, who introduced him to the Mixed Martial Arts Academy to participate in the annual MMA. A year later, he was on the battleground, under the wing in a fight with Kieren Campbell. Unexpectedly, he won the game and amused the audience. From that day onwards, there has been no turning back for Conor Mcgregor who has successfully won over hundreds of matches so far.

In his career of 20 years, he has only lost 6 matches so far, one of them against Joseph Duffy who is considered the king of MMA. Even after losing, he didn’t give up. His popularity increased day by day, so much that his events were always sold out and were in so much demand that he used to charge double the amount than other MMA fighters.

Awards and Achievements

Conor McGregor has received many awards until now. A few of the significant awards are Best Fighter ESPY award which he got in the year 2016, fight of the year, received in 2013 and World MMA Award for International fighter received twice in 2016 and 2014. Apart from fights, he has also received an award for the VIP Style award for the most stylish man in 2014. He has received 18 awards for his martial arts game wins and is also a proud recipient of ‘Knockout of the Night award’ 15 times in a row.

The Rich Life

He has to spend all that money somewhere. Lucky for him, he has got a good taste in all things luxurious. He owns a $16 million mansion in Co Kildare and owns a 5 bedroom apartment in Las Vegas worth at least $2 million

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